Hello, World

Instead of jumping right in to the actual topic of the blog I thought I’d take a moment to explain WTF you can expect to find here, why I decided to write it, and why I didn’t just put the content over on http://blog.ohtwentyone.com.

Well, it’s pretty easy. The stuff I write on the ohTwentyone blog is for clients, and the stuff on here is for designers. That means we’ll be doing a little talking about client relations, and about running a design business, and the actual practice of the craft. You know, things clients don’t really care about.

I decided to write about the stuff that clients don’t care about because, as it turns out, designers do. The more I talk to people in the industry, the more I realize that practices in the industry are really varied, and while many complain about the results of their practices, which they are normally inheriting from mentors or learning from school or making up as they go along, not a lot are working on improving them very much.

So, once or twice a week I’ll be talking to another designer about a project or client or the way we decided to handle something, and they’ll say, “Do you have a blog?” and I’ll say, “Yeah, but I wouldn’t want to write about that there. Clients read that.” And, while I have no problem with clients potentially finding this blog, and the things I’ll write here, I don’t know that I want to lead with “here’s how I handle PITA clients.” You know, in case they are one.

I’ll be writing about design, sure, and running a business, and the things I learn from my clients, and working with them, and the people I collaborate with, and the things that I read, and the things that I make for my clients.

I hope you enjoy it. Or find it informative. Or both.