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I’m Jon Sandruck. I own and operate a very small graphic design studio and marketing consultancy, and I think a lot about the work that I do with the clients we work with, the way we get it done, and the state of the industry…as well as the state of industry in America.

In my role as Principal & Creative Director of ohTwentyone I deal with a lot of businesses, in various industries, and I deal with a lot of business owners, with varying degrees of savvy regarding marketing and design. I am also the Website Director of the DFW chapter of AIGA, and in that role I am in contact with a lot of designers, who work for and own firms large and small; students, who attend art schools fancy and not; and their teachers, with their varying levels of experience in the field.

As a result of the variety of people I talk to about business and design, and their relationship, I think I’ve started to see some patterns. This is the place were I’ll talk about some of them.

I’m probably full of shit.

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