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I’m Jon Sandruck. I’m a Designer. I used to own a little design studio called ohTwentyone that did a lot of brand, print, and web design (and won a few awards while we were at it). In 2012 I became a full-time UX/Interaction Designer and designed some really cool stuff…if you think things that help people do complex things easily are cool. None of it is “cool” like creating dopamine dispensers that undermine western civilization. I don’t have a whole lot of patience for that kind of cool stuff. Now I’m a Design Director for USAA, where I lead a team of talented, thoughtful, hard-working servant-designers who are making great insurance experiences for our members.

I’ve also spent the last ten years serving in some capacity on the Board of Directors of AIGA Dallas/Fort Worth, including a term as President. In those ten years I’ve had the great pleasure to serve alongside hundreds of great leaders from all over the US. I’ve also met and spoken with thousands of designers from all over the country; both while attending and speaking at conferences.

In my working experience, and in my experiences meeting and speaking with thousands of designers, I see patterns and form opinions. 

I’m probably full of sh*t.

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